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 Banner Advertisements

DOBIZNESS B2B provides following kinds of Banner Advertisement, Main Page Ad, Buy & Sell Main Page Ad, and Premimum Banner Ad. Banner advertisements can help you market your products in a effective way.

No. Type of Ad Location Size (Pixels) Price(USD) Impressions Order

1 Index Page Bottom Main 468x60 1000/1K Imp.

2 Index Middle Index Left Bottom 120x240 500/1K Imp.

3 Header Top of All 468x60 800/1K Imp.

4 Euro Pages Euro Pages 160x600 400/1K Imp.

5 Listings Listings Top 728x90 500/1K Imp.

6 Categories Top Right 300x250 500/1K Imp.

7 Premium Categories Index Main 300x250 500/1K Imp.

8 Other pages Left Pannel Left Middle 160x600 800/ 1K Imp.

9 Index Page Top Right 190x70 800/ 1K Imp.

10 Index Page Beside Search Bar 443x40 800/ 1K Imp.

11 Index Page Top of Categories 194x38 800/ 1K Imp.

12 Index Page Below MCategories 190x130 800/ 1K Imp.

13 Index Page Right Middle 190x250 800/ 1K Imp.

14 Index Page Right Bottom 190x347 800/ 1K Imp.

15 Index Page Left Middle 330x130 800/ 1K Imp.

16 Index Page Left Bottom 330x78 800/ 1K Imp.

17 Index Page Page Bottom 798x60 800/ 1K Imp.

18   Left Middle 160x600 800/ 1K Imp.