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 Business Matching Service

Business Matching Service

Connecting you with businesses and businesses with you

Want to find business partners to expand your business?
Looking for ways to get a foothold in a market? Dobizness can help
Dobizness Business Matching Service is dedicated to helping global customers search, identify and screen potential business partners.
We arrange business matching appointments for you to meet the prospective companies so that you can start business negotiations immediately.


Our business matching service provides businesses with opportunities to connect with other businesses, potential partners, sellers and buyers. Whether you are a global company entering a market or company going global, we can help you reach out to local and regional partners.

We can help you in:

  • Finding manufacturers and OEM
  • Finding relevant products and services for your business
  • Finding relevant distributors for your products or services
  • Finding Agents, Partners and Affiliates
  • Finding and Matching Joint Venture partners
  • Engaging Joint Development partners for innovative solutions to technological problems
  • Identifying partners for research and development projects
  • Finding Mergers and Acquisition partners
  • Providing relevant business information


Customized Matching for your business needs

  • Reach pre-screened business partners with confirmed interest
  • Obtain full profiles of potential partners recommended by our business matching specialists
  • Meet interested business partners through our appointment service


What we will do for you.

  • Understand your needs and request details
  • Identify potential business partners/products/businesses, etc
  • Confirm potential partner interest and capability
  • Connect you to the potential partners and provide report findings
  • Arrange business meetings with the partners
  • Provide all relevant business information


What you will get from Dobizness:

  • Minimum of 3 pre-screened potential partners with confirmed interest.
  • Full contact details, profiles and reasons for selection of the recommended businesses
  • Any additional market information acquired during the search process
  • Appointment arrangement (add-on service)

Ready to proceed!

Please fill in all mandatory spaces

If you do not fill in your detailed information, serious business persons may not trust you and your inquiry may not be discussed.  To mutually provide precise and reliable business information between you and your potential partners, please fill in all blanks below.
 First Name
 Family name  
 Your Background  
 Your Position in the company  
 Business Name
 Business Sector  
 Type of Business  
 Nature of business  
 Business Address
 State / Region  
 Tel No.  
 Alternate Phone number  
 Fax No.
 Email Address  
 Website Address  
 Business background details
 President / Chairman of company  
 Main products and Services  
 Main clients/customers
 Year Established  
 Annual Sales volume  
 Balance sheet/Business value
 Countries of Trade  
 Number of employees  
 Certifications and awards
 Chamber memberships  
 Association membership  
 Business facilities/Assets
 Type of business match desired  
 Industry or sectors preferred  
 Products /Services preferred  
 Countries preferred
 Profile of business match desired  
 Urgency desired  
 Other vital business detail
 Would you be willing and ready to provide business and bank references?  
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