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 Inspection Services


General Rules

These Inspection Transactions General Rules apply to inspection transactions on Dobizness.com’s Inspection Platform and supplement the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement with regard to the inspection transactions only. Dobizness.com may revise these Rules from time to time. The revised Rules will become effective upon posting on the website.

1. Definitions

1.1       Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, the capitalized terms shall have the same 
meaning as set forth in the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement. 

1.2       Inspection transactions refer to the transactions for inspection services ordered and
concluded within Dobizness.com’s Inspection Platform. Inspection fees refer to the service fees charged by Inspector under the Transactions including the disbursements for travel, accommodation, etc, if any, as agreed in the relevant Orders.

1.3       The references to “Buyer” shall mean the Member who acquires the inspection 
services by placing an order in the Inspection Platform and have the same meaning as used in the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement and Escrow Services Agreement. The references to “Inspector” shall mean the Member who provides inspection services through posting listings and accepting orders in the Inspection Platform. The references to “Inspector” shall also mean a Seller in the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement and Escrow Services Agreement, and the references to “Seller” in the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement and Escrow Services Agreement shall be interpreted as references to “Inspector” in relation to the inspection transactions accordingly.

1.4       "Escrow Account" means the bank account in Enterprise and Franchise's name and designated by Dobizness.com to receive the inspection fees under the inspection transactions. The account information will be specified in the relevant payment checkout pages. The inspection fees will be held in escrow in the Escrow Account until the inspection transaction is completed or cancelled.

1.5       "Order" in these Rules means an order for an inspection transaction agreed by Buyer and Inspector on the Inspection Platform of Dobizness.com.


2. Inspection Platform
2.1       The Inspection Platform operates as a separate secondary service within the 
Dobizness.com website.  Only registered members of the Dobizness.com website may access and use the Inspection Platform.

2.2       Inspectors must also meet the following conditions in order to be qualified to trade as 
an inspector on the Inspection Platform: 
(1)        Inspector has necessary experience for inspection services; 
(2)        Inspector has successfully gone through Dobizness.com's verification process; 
(3)        Inspector has designated a bank account for receiving the funds under the 
inspection transactions, which has been verified by Dobizness.com and our affiliates; 
(4)        Inspector has subscribed to the Inspection Platform Buyer Protection Scheme 
and has agreed to pay the security deposits and to permit Dobizness.com to deduct, withhold and dispose any security deposits in accordance with the terms of the Inspection Platform Buyer Protection Scheme.

2.3       Dobizness.com may reject any application to be registered as an Inspector for any 

2.4       Inspection services on the Inspection Platform include the following services:

  1. Pre-shipment Inspection;
  2. Warehousing inspection

(2)        During Production Inspection; 
(3)        Initial Product Inspection; 
(4)        Container Loading Check; and 
(5)        Other inspection services as may be permitted by Dobizness.com.

For the avoidance of doubts, the inspection services on the Inspection Platform shall 
not require Inspectors to conduct any laboratory tests or use sophisticated measuring instruments.

2.5       Dobizness.com's Transaction Services for inspection transactions are free of charges 
to Buyer. Dobizness.com charges the service fees ("Service Fees") to Inspector for our Transaction Services.

3. Procedures and Time Limits

3.1       An Inspection Transaction will normally go through the following procedures:
(1)        Buyer places an Order on the Inspection Platform;
(2)        Inspector confirms an Order on the Inspection Platform by confirming the 
inspection items, inspection fees and other detailed requirements of the Order;
(3)        Buyer pays the inspection fees in full to the Escrow Account;
(4)        After Dobizness.com notifies Inspector of receipt of the inspection fees, 
Inspector carries out the inspection and submits the inspection report online in the Inspection Platform; 
(5)        Buyer reviews the inspection report and confirms to Dobizness.com that you 
agree to release the inspection fees to Inspector within 7 days after Inspector submits the inspection report; 
(6)        Dobizness.com instructs Escrow to release the inspection fees received to 
(7)        In case either Buyer or Inspector raises a Dispute in the Inspection Platform, 
Dobizness.com will have the right to determine whether the Order should be cancelled, whether either of Buyer or Inspector has been in breach, and whether the funds in escrow should be refunded to Buyer or released to Inspector, in whole or in part, in accordance with these Rules, other policies of Dobizness.com or otherwise as Dobizness.com considers appropriate.
3.2       Time Limits: Please refer to the Time Limits for Inspection Transactions for the 
applicable time limits for inspection transactions.

3.3       References to days in these Rules refer to calendar days.

4. Unqualified Inspection Transactions

4.1       If any of the following circumstances occurs, an Inspection Transaction will be 
considered as an unqualified Inspection Transaction:
(a)        The total inspection fees of the Inspection Transaction is in excess of  $7,000;
(b)        The products to be inspected under the Order violates the Product Listing 
Policy or other provisions of the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement; 
(c)        The inspection will be conducted in a place outside Nigeria. 

4.2       Dobizness.com has the right to reject or cancel any unqualified Inspection Transaction 
regardless whether both Buyer and Inspector have confirmed the Order.

5. Creating a Valid Order

5.1       Buyer and Inspector must conclude an Order in the Inspection Platform using the 
Transaction Services. Buyer and Inspector should ensure that the Order has contained all the required terms and conditions. In particular, Inspector should confirm the detailed inspection requirements of Buyer and ensure that the Order contains the necessary inspection items and details according to Buyer's requirements.

5.2       An Order will become a valid contract binding both Buyer and Inspector when both 
Buyer and Inspector have confirmed the terms of the Order. If an Order placed by Buyer contains any specifications not acceptable to Inspector, Inspector is advised to contact Buyer to revise the specifications or to initiate a new Order.

5.3       Time is of essence in the inspection transactions.

6. Payment of Inspection Fees

6.1       After the Order is confirmed by both Buyer and Inspector, Buyer must use one of the 
payment methods designated by Dobizness.com and pay the inspection fees under the Order in full in clear funds to the Escrow Account within the prescribed payment period.

6.2       Payment must be in US Dollars. 

6.3       If payment is made by T/T, Buyer must provide the Order ID assigned by 
Dobizness.com for the Order. Otherwise, the payment will be refunded to the payee and Buyer will be considered as having not made the payment.

6.4       Payment of the inspection fees by instalment is not permitted.

6.5       If Buyer fails to make payment of the inspection fees in full to an Escrow Account 
within the prescribed payment period, the Order will be considered as being cancelled unless Inspector confirms to Dobizness.com otherwise in writing. Any services and costs incurred by Inspector prior to the receipt of the inspection fees in full in the Escrow Account are provided and incurred at Inspector’s sole risk.

7. Inspection and Inspection Reports

7.1       Inspector shall carry out inspection according to the requirements of the Order, 
including without limitation the inspection items, quantities, methods, standards, place and time of inspection, etc.

7.2       Buyer shall provide all information and documents and render all assistances to 
Inspector necessary to provide the inspection services. Buyer shall also procure the seller/manufacturer to be inspected to render all assistance to Inspector necessary to provide the inspection services.

7.3       Inspector shall immediately notify Buyer if Inspector knows or becomes aware of any 
circumstances indicating that actual inspection requirements might be different from those agreed in the Order. Inspector shall promptly obtain written confirmation from Buyer. Inspector may decide whether to proceed with the inspection or not at his own discretion.

7.4       Inspector shall promptly submit the inspection report in such form and language as 
agreed in the Order in the Inspection Platform. Unless Buyer agrees otherwise, Inspector shall submit the inspection report within 5 days from the inspection date.

7.5       Inspector shall report the results of each and all of the inspection items fairly and 
accurately. The inspection report shall be issued in the agreed language and shall comply with the other terms of the Order.

7.6       In carrying out inspection, Inspector shall behave themselves in professional and 
ethical manner. Inspector shall not accept or ask for any gifts or benefits from the seller or manufacturer or their representative.
8. Completion of Order

8.1       Buyer shall promptly review the inspection report and contact Inspector for any issues 
with the inspection report. 

8.2       Within 7 days from Inspector's submission of the inspection report, Buyer should 
take one of the following actions in the Inspection Platform:
(a)        Buyer accepts the inspection report and agrees to the release of the funds in 
escrow to Inspector; 
(b)        Buyer requests refunds; or
(c)        Buyer raises a Dispute.

If Buyer takes none of the above actions within the prescribed time period, Buyer will be deemed to have agreed to accept the inspection report and to release the funds to Inspector.
8.3       An Order is successfully completed when Buyer confirms or is deemed to have 
confirmed the release of the funds in escrow to Inspector.

9. Force Majeure

9.1       Neither Buyer and Inspector shall be held liable for any delay or failure or 
disruption of the inspection services resulting directly or indirectly from acts of nature, forces or causes beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, Internet failures, computer, telecommunications or any other equipment failures, electrical power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labour or materials, terrorism, war, governmental actions, orders of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals. The party being affected by the force majeure event shall provide Dobizness.com with the evidence of the force majeure event as Dobizness.com considers appropriate.

10. Disputes and Buyer Protection Scheme

10.1     If any Dispute arises between Buyer and Inspector in connection with any Order, the 
procedures set forth in clause 10 of the Dobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement as amended by these Rules shall apply. Dobizness.com encourages both Buyer and Inspector to settle their Disputes through amicable negotiations.

10.2     A dispute resolution process is available in the Inspection Platform. Either of Buyer or 
Inspector may raise the Dispute in the Inspection Platform. 

10.3     In any event, after an Order is successfully completed, Buyer must raise any Dispute 
in respect of the Order or the inspection services under the Order within three (3) months from the date when the inspection fees are released to Inspector. After such three (3) month period, Buyer shall be deemed to have waived any claim under the Order.

10.4     If Inspector is in breach of any Order, Buyer may be entitled to refund of all or part of 
the inspection fees. Buyer may be additionally entitled to compensation under the Inspection Platform Buyer Protection Scheme. However, in any event the total compensations to be received by Buyer under an Order may not exceed =N=50,000 (or its USD equivalent) or 20 times of the inspection fees under the Order, whichever is lower.

10.5     Dobizness.com shall have the absolute discretion to award the compensations to 
Buyer under an Order under the Inspection Platform Buyer Protection Scheme. Inspector agrees that Dobizness.com may deduct, withhold and pay your security deposits under the Inspection Platform Buyer Protection Scheme.

10.6     In case of the refund or any compensation payable to Buyer, Buyer shall provide 
Dobizness.com the details of their correct and valid bank accounts for receipt of the amount.

11. Disposal of Funds

11.1     All funds paid by Buyer under the inspection transactions will be held in escrow.

11.2     The funds in escrow under any Order will only be disposed in any of the following 
(a)        in case of the successful completion of the Order, all the funds will be released 
to Inspector;
(b)        in case of the cancellation of the Order, all the funds will be refunded to 
(c)        in case of any settlement agreement reached by Buyer and Inspector, the funds 
will be disposed in accordance with such settlement agreement;
(d)       in case that a Dispute has been submitted to Dobizness.com for our 
determination and Dobizness.com's determination has becomes final and binding according to clause 10 of theDobizness.com Transaction Services Agreement, the funds will be disposed in accordance with Dobizness.com's determination; or
(e)        if Dobizness.com or its affiliates receives any order, ruling, award 
or judgment from a competent court, arbitration tribunal or authority which directs us to release the funds, the funds will be disposed in accordance with such order, ruling, award or judgment.

11.3     When disposing any funds in escrow, Dobizness.com will have the right 
to deduct Service Fees due and payable to Dobizness.com (if any) and in such amount as instructed by Dobizness.com. The Service Fees will become due when the Order is completed, cancelled or otherwise closed.

11.4     Dobizness.com shall have the right to deduct any financial charges 
incurred as a result of providing the Transaction Services and/or disposing the funds and the party receiving the funds will bear the costs of such financial charges.

11.5     All payments will be denominated in USD only. Buyer and Inspector shall bear the 
risks foreign exchange conversion if you pay or receive the funds in a different currency.

11.6     Buyer should note that the refund for an Order may be less than the original order 
amount due to the deduction of the financial charges and/or the foreign exchanges conversion.

12. General Provisions

12.1     Both Inspector and Buyer should retain the original records in connection with any

transaction for not less than 2 years.
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