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 International and Foreign Relations

Nigeria is well accepted and respected in the comity of Nations. Since independence in 1960, the country has been a signatory to various international and world organizations including the United Nations, the Common Wealth, African Union, the World Trade Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce. Besides its membership the country has continued to contribute immensely, men, materials and resources, towards the sustenance of global order, free trade and improved business relations among nations. It is a signatory to the International Court of Justice.

Thus, you can freely do business in Nigeria as are many Nationals, businesses and firms across the globe are currently doing. Nigeria is investor and business friendly.

Other organizations that the country belongs and promotes include:
ACP,               -           African Caribbean and Pacific (otherwise known as the Lome Convention)
AfDB,                         -           African Development Bank
C,                    -           Commonwealth of Nations
ECA,               -           Economic Commission for Africa
AU                  -           African Union
ECOWAS,      -           Economic Community of West African States
FAO,               -           Food and Agriculture Organization
G-15,               -           Group of 15 (of non-aligned movement of developing countries)
G-19,               -           Group of 19
G-24,               -           Group of 24 
G-77,               -           Group of 77
IAEA,                         -           International Atomic Energy Agency
IBRD,                         -           Internal Bank for Reconstruction and Development )better known as the World Bank)
ICAO,             -           International Civil Aviation Organization
 ICCt,              -           International Criminal Court
ICC,                -           International Chamber of Commerce
ICRM,             -           International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
 IDA,               -           International Development Association
IFAD,             -           International Fund for Agricultural Development
 IFC,                -           International Finance Cooperation
 IHO,               -           International Hydrographic Organization
ILO,                -           International Labour Organization
IMF,                -           International Monetary Fund
 IMO,              -           International Monetary Fund
Inmarsat,         -           International Mobile Satellite Organization
 Interpol,         -           International Police
IOC,                -           International Olympic Committee
 ISO,               -           International Organization for Standards
ITU,                -           International Telecommunications Union
 MINURSO,   -           United Nations for Referendum in Western Sahara
NAM,              -           Non Aligned Movement
 OPEC,            -          Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
 PCA,              -           Permanent Court of Arbitration
UN,                 -           United Nations
UNCTAD,      -           United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNESCO,       -           United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNHCR,         -           
UNIDO,          -           United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNITAR,        -           United nations Institute for Training and Research
UNMIBH,      -           United nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina
 UNMIK,        -           United nations Interim Administration in Kosovo
UNMOP,        -           United Nations Mission of Observers in Prevlaka
UNU,              -           United Nations University
UPU,               -           Universal postal Union
WCL,              -           World Confederation of Labour
WCO,              -          World Customs Organization
EFTU,             -           World Federation of Trade Unions
 WHO,            -           World Health Organization
WIPO,             -          World Intellectual Property Organization
WMO,             -           World meteorological Organization
WToO,            -           World Tourism Organization
WTrO                  -       World Trade Organization

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