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ASTM D240 bomb calorimeter price for oil

ASTM D240 bomb calorimeter price for oil

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2016-09-22 01:37:55
$ 5200.00
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$ 200.00
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Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd [ Bronze ]
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Automatic petroleum products calorific value meter (calorimeter) for electricity, coal, paper, petrochemical, cement, agriculture and animal husbandry, medical research, teaching and other industries and sectors measuring the calorific value of coal, oil and other combustibles



1, the instrument configuration ampoule capsule exclusive national standards were tested on biodiesel and other light detecting volatile oil, the accuracy is greatly improved. It is an alternative of traditional Calorimeter of volatile oil sample test results excessive deviation device of choice. (Customer when ordering, please indicate the test sample)

2, heat capacity and stability: the use of semiconductor refrigeration and special heating device, automatic temperature control of the outer cylinder

3, the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder circulating water, spare tanks, thermostat test water in the tank are independent of each other, ensure the stability of the outer cylinder temperature control, but also to avoid the outer tube into the circulating water impurities.

4, semiconductor refrigeration, reasonable clamshell structure, layout, no complicated transmission mechanism and compressor equipment running low failure rate, low noise.

5, using special technology, water purification and water level indication, improve equipment reliability and intuitive user operation.

6, water quantitative accuracy: Non-contact level sensor and water quantitative mechanism, simple and reliable, to ensure that each test water within the cylinder constant.

7, the data is reliable: the first test results are accurate boot, do not need to waste samples, the results were found, it can be inverse.

8, high degree of automation: real-time communications using advanced computer technology and adaptive control technology, automatic identification oxygen bomb, automatic quantification of water within the cylinder, automatic temperature control, automatic start and end of the trial.

9, a powerful, user-friendly: the state of having an ignition wire, self-diagnosis and protection functions of the various water levels; the adaptation of coal, oil and raw materials such as instant black working interface; high and low, the benchmark in terms of parallel sample, automatic calculation of heat capacity artificial complex arithmetic and other functions.

10, oxygen bomb structure: Friends specially dedicated oxygen bomb, can pre-ignition wire is bad, resulting in the phenomenon of the test can not be normal. Improve work efficiency.


Technical Parameters

1, temperature range: 0 ~ 40 ℃

2, the temperature resolution: 0.0001 ℃

3, temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃

4, the ambient temperature range: 5 ~ 40 ℃

5, humidity: ≤85%

5, precision: 0.1%

6. Accuracy: within the range of uncertainty in the standard sample

7, test time: less than 10 minutes / second (rapid method)

Less than 15 minutes / second (conventional method)

8, Power: 220V ± 22V, 50HZ ± 1HZ

9, power: ≤2KW

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