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ASTM D613 bench top cetane analyzer for

ASTM D613 bench top cetane analyzer for

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2016-09-22 01:47:37
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Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd [ Bronze ]
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Cetane diesel engine in accordance with ASTM D613, GB / T386 and other standards with fixed ignition lag determination cetane number of diesel and biodiesel, this product is suitable for the ignition quality of diesel fuel sample with a known cetane number The standard fuel (cetane and heptamethyl nonane certain volume mixture) comparing the ignition properties determined. The specific method is to change the compression ratio of the engine cylinder, in order to obtain the determined ignition lag (delay) period, that the fuel injection start and combustion (combustion) time interval between the start. Whether the sample or the standard fuel in the combustion process, this time interval should be fixed at 20 degrees (the generator crank angle count), but with different fuels at different compression ratios required for combustion, that is, the end of the compression stroke, temperature and pressure differences. According to the compression ratio of the sample gas gauge reading select no more than two standard fuel cetane number five units, obtained in the same manner to determine the ignition lag. When the sample is compressed between the gas gauge reading in more than two standard fuel gas gauge reading, the cetane number is calculated by interpolation of the sample, the symbol ××. × / CN. For example, 45.6 / CN.



 1, professional knock sensor signal FDT-DS uses the industry standard design, more stable and reliable;

2, configure a special Friends knock detection system, to ensure zero knock signal, magnification, broadening adjust stability

3, the configuration FAD security system for emergency protection under abnormal conditions, protect the safety of operating personnel;

4, the use of diesel fuel injection device FULANDE


Technical Parameters

1. Engine type: single cylinder, horizontal, water-cooled, four-stroke standard hair.

2, the engine cylinder diameter (mm): 90.

3, the engine cylinder stroke (mm): 90.

4, an engine piston displacement (L): 0.573.

5, engine cylinder Compression ratio: 5 to 21.

6, the engine speed: 1000r / min.

7, Engine Cooling: Closed water cooling.

8, engine start: electric start.

9, engine oil: L-ECC Diesel oil 20W / 40 (GB11122-89).

10, the engine rotation (flywheel end view): counter-clockwise.

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